About Culture of Doubt

This blog was conceived to address the question: what and how should we think about science. Also it is a place for me to curate professional and personal resources related to engineering and medicine. I likewise have a strong interest in the philosophy of science (answering: what evidence should we “follow” in our lives and why?).

There’s no original content on Culture of Doubt. I’m not a writer or pundit; rather I’m a physician and engineer (I apply science). Mostly, I’m aggregating evidence, analysis, opinions and tid-bits on the subject topic(s) from articles, talks, blogs, and the scholarly literature.  Any material that’s interesting but off topic will be categorized as such.  I’ll occasionally post political stuff from the left and right; ignore it if you’re uninterested. (We all have preferences and biases.  I’m no different.)  I often post sundry content as a personal reminder to read it later (meaning, I read this blog!).

Nothing posted on Culture of Doubt is an endorsement or condemnation.  It’s the reader’s job to stay informed and use his or her own intellectual apparatuses to appraise truth, or draw normative conclusions.

You can email me:  codoubt_at_cultureofdoubt_dot_net.

**The blog title was inspired by this guy: